Work alongside an ambitious team in a fast-paced environment. We’re here to create a free and open financial system for the world. We built Gonear to bring economic freedom.

Our culture

Our culture is how we treat each other and operate day-to-day at Gonear. Outlining our culture helps everyone — from candidates to new leaders to veteran employees — understand how we interact and get work done in service of our mission.

Some of our cultural tenets are more aspirational than others, meaning they represent where we would like to be, not necessarily where we are today. Our goal as a team is to continually get closer to this ideal.

Clear communication

We are direct and succinct. We share information efficiently, improving collaboration and productivity. We practice active listening.

Efficient execution

We have a bias for action. We complete high quality work quickly. We focus on the 20% of work that will get us 80% of the impact.

Act like an owner

We take 100% responsibility for achieving the mission. We seek to improve all aspects of our company even in ways that are not explicitly part of our job.

Continuous learning

We're humble, and value learning over being right. We embrace delivering and receiving candid feedback, and see every setback as an opportunity to learn.

Open positions

Community Lead (ENG) - Remote

Public Relations (ENG) - Remote

Community Assistant (ENG) - Remote

Partnerships Lead (ENG) - Remote

Senior Solidity Developer (ENG) - Remote

Project Manager (ENG) - Remote

Senior Front End / React Engineer (ENG) - Remote

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