The Council

Introducing The Council

Unlike other launchpads which are controlled just by founders, Gonear’s launchpad will be initially governed by nine key stakeholders via a unique tradable set of NFTs.

The initial 9 Gonear NFT owners form The Council, contributing their value and communities to drive growth to the Gonear launchpad and projects launching on the platform.

They own the launchpad and have a stronger say in its direction. This “knights at the roundtable” theory essentially forms a "more decentralised" incubator - better ensuring successful project launches.

Current Council members - View

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The Council Roadmap

The Council will launch at 9 members, this membership will be extended to 17 members in Q3 2022, before evolving into a DAO in 2023, where all token holders have a say in projects that launch on Gonear, community proposals and the direction of Gonear.

The Council reasoning

Alignement - Council members are aligned on the mission to ensure project launches are as successful as possible.

Collaboration - Council members are incentivised to collaborate for the greater good. Giving projects a strong ecosystem of support.

Network effect - The launchpad isn’t owned or dependent just on a single entity. Collaboration + alignment drives greater network effects.

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